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Assault Course - It is not easy being the new recruit! Egg Blast - Blast away the rotten eggs to save Easter!! Miniclip Allstar Baseball - Pitch and bat your way through 5 action packed innings!! Super Robot War - Help the robot hero to win the war against the evil robots!! Golf Ace - Choose your opponent and tee up for 9 holes of challenging golf!! Hot Rods - Donít let the classified documents get in the wrong hands! Mimelet - Mimelet can steal powers to overcome obstacles! On The Run 2 - Donít let the classified documents get in the wrong hands! Run N Gun - The missions of your H.A.D.E is to destroy all threatening life forms! Agent Freeride - Escape the criminal headquarters using hi-tech gadgets!
Egyptian Tale - Help the Egyptian princess get her revenge and save the people from their evil leader! Extreme Triathlon - Compete in running, swimming and cycling in Triathlon! Zoo Racer - Race the streets in the Zoo. River Raider - Your mission is to attack the enemy bases. Use the rivers to your advantage! DecaJump - Use balloons to bounce, Time Machines to change characters and collect the coins and bonuses. Royal Wedding - Help Prince William and Kate prepare for the Royal Wedding. Gladiators - Learn how to fight like a true Gladiator! Arctic Drift - Use the drift to build up boost and speed ahead of your opponent in this arctic race. iStunt 2 - Extreme Snowboard tricks! Base Jumper - Jumping from Buildings and Diving through hoops, just make sure you open your parachute
Cab Driver - 3D. Drive around picking up customers and getting them to their destinations Apache Overkill - Take control of your Apache and take down the enemy forces! Tumblestump 2 - The world has been consumed by darkness Gravity Guy Turkey Run Red Code 3 - Eradicate this infested planet of all that walks its polluted surface. Urban Basketball Polar Jump Presidential Paintball Raceway 500
Boxing Bonanza Acid Factory Alphattack Age of Speed 2 Balance Hot Shots Da Number Pizza Hot Pool Commando Assault
Zombie Defense Agency Fast Car Frenzy Fragger Bonus Blast Freestyle Snowboarder Big Snow Tricks Police Pursuit Bubble Trouble Bow Master Extreme Trial Dragon Attack
Dino Strike Age of Speed Boxo Commando 2 Fred Figglehorn - Fred has seen his love packing to leave, so he tries to catch her but he also has to get away from his enemy who is chasing him over many obstacles. (run, jump, jump, jump, ohh Galaxy Gunner - A shootem up with a slightly different twist - you dont have to hold the fire button down... Monster Truck Nitro 2 - Highly addictive stunt truck game, make it to the end of level without crashing Dale and Peakot - Dale and his trusty bird (peakot), are on a mission to get back their chickens. 2D Walk and shoot and some problem solving Canyon Defence - Place turrets and many other defences to fend off the oncoming vehicles before they reach your people Alien Reduction - 3D. Fly around a map abducting cars and men
Air Barons - 3D. Dogfighting with powerups - Excellent Front to Back - An excellent brain teaser, you can rotate the screen and shift into the background to get to the end of level Penguin War - Defend your penguin Base with different weapons placed on the map - A game very similar to canyon defnce except in this game you can send penguins back to attack their base! Stunt Bike Draw 2 - design the ramp to make your rider jump! Puzzle Freak - At first a board game but when you land on a square you have to complete a puzzle Mental - A brain teaser with three characters all trying to escape a mental hospital - Hint- Study the building while zoomed out Vector Rush Zombieman2 - Switch between zombie and human to stay alive Evolution - Bugs, buy them, grow them, mate them, race them, fight them and sell them! Wordfreak - Pit your wits against the clock in this wordsearch race
Candy Magic - An excellent shootem up in the style of the arcade classic defender except with ghosts and ghouls many upraded weapons...the bosses are pretty good too! Add Like Mad - Adding from a selection of numbers - hint if you cant find the numbers you want just click the number equal to the answer Multiplication Station - Multiplying from a selection of numbers - hint if you cant find the numbers you want just click the number equal to the answer Tennis Doubles - An excellent Tennis doubles game Free Running - An Excellent 3D game freerunning against the clock The Ashes - Cricket...if you havent guessed already Shanghai Mahjongg - A Classic Chinese Game Snow Riders - Snow-mobiles racing round various tracks taking pot shots at each other with launched bombs. 3D. Sportbike Sprint - Race against the clock Superbike GP - Motorbike Racing
Street Fight - Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton fight it out on the street, hilarous. Vertigolf - A Mini-Golf game with some awesome levels Rubble Trouble - Knock down the towers with missiles, helicopter demolition ball and many more weapons of minor destruction Volcanic Airways - Fly away from the oncoming volcanic cloud Soccer Stars - Football Sushi Go Round - Fill out the orders as they come in. Then order more supplies Snowline - Draw the sled run for Santa Tank Attack - Make your way through the map blowing things up with your tank 2D Winter Games - Skating, Skiing, Ski jumps and more Starship Gunner - Defend the ship as you make your way to different planets
Slingshot - Quickfire strategy firing stones at the enemy Snowboarder Xs - Snow board jumps n tricks Ufo Joe - Abducting cows and sheep is your mission in this very funny game Fragger - Aim your grenades set the power and fire - 30 exciting new levels Wordo - Click on the letters to form a Word - Double click last letter Up Beat - Variation of Dnce Mat Turbo Racing - Race and pimp up your car. Warning very addictive (Good 3D Graphics) Soccer Five - Five a side football Wood Runner - Racing with exploding bridges and Weapons, Cartoon Style Topsy Turvy - Interesting puzzle with a rotating board


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